Our commitment is to provide Idaho with unique, effective fitness programs guided by the areas top fitness professionals whose goals are YOUR RESULTS.

Fitness Should be Fun

We believe that fitness should be fun. Something not dreaded, but exciting. We think treadmills are largely a waste of time. We believe typical ‘circuit’ machines at gyms are monotonous and ineffective and that diets haven’t worked for thousands of years. They won’t this year either.

Aventura Fitness owner Tyson Olson has helped hundreds of people of all fitness abilities realize:

  • There is a better way to exercise

  • A simpler approach to nutrition

  • And a more enjoyable way to incorporate it into our busy lives.

Meet Fitness Trainer Tyson Olson

The keys to success have been Education and Accountability . Combine these critical keys with your best effort and great attitude, and you will be successful!

Fitness Philosophy -
“Fitness should be fun! It opens doors to all sorts of activities both recreational and functional. The best way to train is with a purpose, whether it's for a marathon, clothes fitting the way you want them to, or just being able to weed the garden without hurting yourself. Define a goal, schedule out the plan, and follow through with it.”

To find out why people are signing up a year in advance to train with Tyson, please contact us today