Insulin, Glucagon, & Carbocrazyloco Thoughts

"Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are,

but we are responsible for who we become."


Raise your hand if you'd like to lose body fat while building a little lean muscle.

Raise your hand! I want you to OWN that decision.

Raise it high and say I DO!



By now you should know that muscle is fantastic and body fat is...necessary (some)...but less fantastic. Finding the right balance between a good ratio of body fat to muscle comes down, in large part, to the ratio we have of glucagon and insulin. Both are hormones. Both play key roles in fat loss. Both are released from the pancreas. That's were the similarities end because insulin is all about building and storing (carbohydrates & amino acids) while glucagon is all about breaking down and releasing (sugars & fats). The heavier our diet is on carbohydrates (especially the refined, processed kinds) the more insulin our body has to produce to deal with them. Most people's diets are carbocrazyloco and so the pancreas is pumping out insulin like mad to keep up. On the flip side they're not getting enough protein (which stimulates glucagon) and the result is a very skewed insulin/glucagon ratio. Step one in correcting this is to reduce total carbohydrates in your diet starting with sugars, then starches...coupled with an increase in lean protein.



This is usually where you start thinking about all the foods you CAN'T eat now. This puts you in a negative mindset from the get-go, resenting what you're 'forced' to do and longing for what you 'can't' do. This time try taking a more positive approach to your improving fitness lifestyle. Think: what CAN I do? What are positive steps I can take that will make me a little BETTER than I was yesterday? Focus on creating positive habits to replace the less desirable ones.


Next, don't kid yourself into self-imposed ignorance. You know that anything that leaves a coating of radioactive-orange crust on your fingers is probably not good for you. So put the Cheetos down. You know you should go to bed earlier instead of hunkering down on the couch with your BFF's Ben & Jerry. You know that smoking will kill you. You know that every alcoholic drink kills millions of brain cells (OK, maybe you didn't know that...but interesting, huh?). You know that nachos and margaritas don't constitute healthy carbs and adequate hydration. At the very least, you know an apple is a better choice over your candy bar lunch. You KNOW 95% of what good nutrition really is.


Be proactive in making meal plans, shopping lists, and keeping your kitchen/pantry stocked with BETTER choices. Your counter should be covered in fruits, veggies, berries, nuts, and the junk food should be in the bottom drawer of the fridge. Out of site, out of mind. Create an environment conducive to self control. Don't wear out your 'self control muscles' by walking by the doughnuts on your counter/work desk eighteen times.



Right here right now!!

Start with making breakfast BETTER. More protein, less simple/refined carb. Leftover dinner is awesome. Get veggies for breakfast!

People always have a date picked out for when things are going to change. Baloney! The change starts now. If you're not willing to start right now, you're just lying to yourself about how bad you want your goal. Setting a date is just buying time for your brain to come up with reasons not to do it or letting other things get in the way. "Oh, I have a wedding to go to. Guess I'll eat three bridesmaids worth of food and start my diet next year."



So now it's the weekend. How bad do you want IT?


Make it hapen, and make it BETTER!