Make Exercise a Part of Summer Fun

Summertime and the living is easy – at least that’s what the song says. But with all those fun activities calling your name, will you find time – and the motivation - to keep up your exercise program? 

“During the summer months many people slack off when it comes to working out,” says Jesse James Judd, owner of Meridian Adventure Boot Camp. “They figure they’d rather spend whatever free time they have doing other things and activities.” 

However, stopping your fitness routine, even temporarily, is a bad idea, Judd says. “You might lose some of the muscle mass and fitness level that you had worked so hard to build up, and your metabolism might slow down,” he points out. “Don’t be surprised if you start piling on pounds, especially if you indulge in fatty foods and don’t burn off those calories afterwards.” 

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy your summer while maintaining your fitness routine. “It’s all a matter of good planning – not just in scheduling your workouts but also in choosing time-efficient exercises that will keep you fit, trim, and healthy,” Judd says. 

He suggests scheduling workouts either early in the morning or in the evening. “This way, you can keep the rest of the day for work or whatever other activities you have planned,” he notes. 

Just as important is selecting the kind of exercises that provide a total-body workout and maintain a healthy weight. 

“Of course, you should also keep your routine exciting and challenging,” Judd notes. “If your workout is dull and monotonous, it’s difficult to keep coming back to it day after day.” 

One of the best summer (and year-round) exercise programs that will keep you – literally - on your toes, is a fitness boot camp. Judd says it is a very effective way to stay in shape because: 

  • It is a results-driven, whole-body routine. Not only does it put your heart and muscles through the paces, but an hour-long session will also help you burn 600 calories – more than most other types of exercise.
  • It really is fun and games! Plus, each exercise is different, so you won’t get bored with the same old routine.
  • You are working out with others, so the group dynamics keeps you motivated and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.
  • It is easy to find a morning or an evening program, so you won’t have any problems fitting exercise into your schedule, and still have ample time to enjoy your summer!