Denise D. VIBC Club

"Tough workout, but oh so good! There's never a dull morning. I tried a different program and it was awful. Here I'm seeing improvements all the time. I love it!

I think the secret is out...YOU'RE THE BEST!"

Stephanie N. VIBC Club

 Joining ABC almost two years ago was and IS the best gift I have ever given myself.

Shauna S.

Cholesterol is down 60 points thanks to your class. Thanks!

Renee D; VIBC Club

I appreciate all you are so well organized, you are professional, well educated in the industry, and you truly care about helping us achieve the best that we can do!  You make it so fun and I especially love the variety of the routines.  You always have a smile rain or shine (even in the dark!).  Physically as well as mentally I feel soooooo much better about myself and for that I thank you too.  I look forward to the workout and never feel like it's going to be a drag!

Debbie D; VIBC Club

I wanted to thank you for one of the most positive experiences I ever had.  Fitness boot camp was, by far, the best comprehensive workout I’ve ever done.  I usually shy away from group exercise as I tend to feel a little intimidated but I never did at camp.  This was such a nurturing environment and I’m so happy I was part of it.  You can expect me back in the spring for sure!

Jude J

I am feeling so wonderful this morning.  Since I had run the mile at 10:38 4 weeks ago, my goal was to finish in under 10 minutes today.  Wow, I surprised myself by making it in 8:54…..and I wasn’t dying!  I have to say that my stated goal of “improved endurance” has definitely been met.

Illaria M

Thanks, Jesse!  The camp has been great for me--it's the first time in my whole life that I have been able to commit to exercise.   I am grateful for you and your knowledge and caring about all of us!

Fernanda B; VIBC Club

I am loving this! I am so inspired by all the women in this Camp. I enjoy the differen activities each day. It's nice that it's never routine and boring. I have noticed a big difference in strength...and can feel a difference in my abilit to run, swim, and bike better. I really enjoy driving to class each day and am sad when I have to miss...especially when I get the emails from Jesse.It has exceeded my expectations. I have never enjoyed group fitness classes. I absolutely detest them. They have always felt impersonal. This camp is different!

Linda W; VIBC Club

I love Boot Camp!  Can't imagine not being there in the mornings.  You do a fantastic job at motivating us and I appreciate all you do. Since Boot Camp I have learned to love getting up and getting the exercise done for the day. It's addictive!  So weird for me to be looking forward to the alarm going off at 4:30 and heading out in the dark to work out. And you are right, the body clock seems to just start working that way.  Most mornings I am awake and up before the alarm goes off. And I do love the outdoors for exercise, breathing that fresh air.

Lorna D

Thank you for the awesome training and for mentoring us all in Camp. From the bottom of my heart deepest thanks. You are awesome! Million thanks for the jumpstart and great mixup of workout routines, I enjoyed the challenge and look forward to the next camp!