Weight Loss

Weight loss is all too often perceived as an event - a time in your life where you’re actively doing something with an end goal in mind. The problem with this mindset is that events typically have a start and a finish. So when the ‘weight loss event’ is over, the steps you took to reach that goal end as well. Evidence of this occurring is everywhere as “Biggest Loser” contests in workplaces, gyms, online lead to temporary improvements that are reversed once the event is over.

At Aventura Fitness we take a different approach.

A Weight Loss Process & Procedure

We teach you the process and the procedure to making key changes in your daily lives in order to produce a balance between what you know you need to do…and what you’re willing to do comfortably for the rest of your life.

Aventura’s Weight Loss Process is:

  • Simplified

  • Convenient

  • Fun

Using this formula which is sustainable long term, living healthy, feeling great, and looking outstanding are attainable for everyone. And you won’t have to set the same new year’s resolutions next year!